Top Seven Things to See and Do in Oslo

Oslo was surprisingly different than what I expected. Actually, I only knew that so far this country has not interested me so much. The only thing I thought about Norway was that it is cold, dark and expensive. I must say Oslo itself may not be the most beautiful city, but the environment is one of the most beautiful: parks, protected forests, hills, and hundreds of lakes. Oslo is really so calm and peaceful that you hear nothing but the wind.

The country’s largest city is a modern and diverse city with an abundance of world-class architecture, museums, restaurants, coffeehouse culture and shopping. Whether you are staying in the city for a short weekend or for a few days, here are the top seven things to see and do in Oslo!


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Explore the City Center

The center is so easy to explore on foot thanks to the numerous pathways and trails. The main street of the city, Karl Johans Gate, is Oslo’s most famous pedestrian street. This street stretches from Oslo Central Station all the way up to the Royal Palace, passing many of Oslo’s tourist attractions: Oslo Cathedral, the Norwegian parliament-Stortinget, and the National Theatre. Here you will also find several street entertainers, restaurants and countless stores and fashion chains.

The Royal Palace

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Have a Drink at Aker Brygge

Aker Brygge is a lovely area on the waterfront. Oslo´s residents come to shop, eat and drink, or take a boat to one of the islands, or just enjoy fresh seafood. The area is also a popular tourist destination. A summer boat bar is moored nearby. It is really a cool place to have a drink.



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Have Lunch at Fiskeriet for Great Fish & Chips

We decided to eat here after many locals recommended it. This is a small and little seafood shop with a mini restaurant –Youngstorget 2b-. Considering the high cost of the city, this place is perfect to those who have limited budgets and want to eat delicious seafood in Oslo. All the seafood is fresh.  The fish soup and fish&chips are recommended!


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Walk along the Akerselva River

Akerselva river starts at Maridalsvannet and runs to the downtown Oslo. The river is eight kilometers long and passes industrial history, waterfalls, swimming spots, fishing grounds, forests and wildlife. Akerselva’s most spectacular waterfall is located by the Beier Bridge.



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Hipster Area: Grünerløkka

Grunerløkka is Oslo´s hipster hotspot. It used to be a typical working class neighborhood and became one of the centres of immigration in the 1980s. Here you will meet many different cultures with alternative lifestyles.  It has a lot of good bars, restaurants, shops and parks. Mathallen food market is well worth a visit, with fish, local produce as well as cheese & charcuterie from Italy and France.



Screenshot-2018-4-7 Line Dividers - DreamCodes.pngOslo Opera Haus

Oslo’s opera house is a landmark of the city and looks amazingly beautiful. It is located at the harbor. You can climb its roof and enjoy the panoramic view of the city, but also buy a ticket for opera and ballet performances which cost from 100kr to 745kr.



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Visit the Viking Ship Museum

Vikings are simply part of Norway or Norway’s history. Therefore, this museum is on my top list. You will find here the world’s best-preserved Viking ships. There are also tune ships, small boats, sledges, Viking cart, and tools. The adventure film The Vikings Alive is screened throughout the day inside the museum.



P.S. : These photos  were taken with Sony Alpha 6000.

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