10 Reasons to Visit Alicante

Did you know that Alicante has 320 days of sunshine a year and enjoys one of the warmest winter in Europe? This is one of the reasons I chose Alicante to visit! There are also many beautiful beaches, squares, parks, and gardens in this beautiful city.

Alicante is the capital of the province of Alicante and nowadays a favorite destination of many tourists to enjoy good food, sun and the pieces of history to be found in the streets of this city.

Are these reasons not enough to start looking at flights to Alicante?

Then, here are my top 10 :


The Castle of Santa Barbara

A fortress with medieval Arab origins. Here you will have an unbelievable view over the city, especially at sunset! But I climbed up at noon. One of the biggest failures of my life. I should have stayed on the beach.


Screenshot-2018-4-7 Line Dividers - DreamCodes.png

Barrio Santa Cruz

Discover the oldest neighbourhood in the city  with narrow streets. It is also the best barrio for nightlife. Actually, the streets seem pretty cool but I only pictured the weird part of this area. Here it is:


Screenshot-2018-4-7 Line Dividers - DreamCodes.png

The Island of Tabarca

No cars and almost no inhabitants, but nice beaches and crystal-clear waters. It is only an hour boat ride from Alicante. So, definitely worth a day-trip.


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Postiguet Beach

Golden sands, clear waters, moderate waves, many restaurants, bars and just in the heart of Alicante city center. These are the reasons why it is one of the most famous beaches in the city.


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San Juan Beach

The most famous beach in the city! It is a huge city beach with white sand, which is considered to be one of the finest in Spain. It is only 20 minutes by tram from the city center. Next to it, you can discover the coves of Cabo de las Huertas.


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Alicante Marina

Good place to enjoy your evening. It is full of bars and restaurants where you can eat some delicious fresh fish and watch people. The prices are ok!


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The Esplanade of Spain

It is a long pedestrian promenade and has 6.5 million marble floor tiles in a wave form with three colours: white, blue and Alicante red. It is the most famous street in Alicante and one of the landmarks of the city. You can enjoy the free outdoor concerts and hippie markets here.


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Calle San Francisco

This street is the best for tasting the delicious tapas. One of these tapas bars is D’Tablas where you pay 60 cent for a beer and 1 € for delicious tapas. The other Andalucian style tapas bar is El Rebujito. You can forget visiting other places, but not these tapas bars! Besides, Muerde y Bebe is the place where you can drink beer or wine for 1 €.

Screenshot-2018-4-7 Line Dividers - DreamCodes.png

Rice in Any of Its Varieties

Alicante has its own rice dishes which is similar to paella. Try arroz a banda or arroz al horno. You will never forget the taste!


Screenshot-2018-4-7 Line Dividers - DreamCodes.png


(Archaeological Museum of the Province of Alicante)

This museum won the title of European Museum of the Year in 2004. Here, you will explore the history of this region from Prehistory to today.





P.S: All photos were taken by me with Sony Alpha 6000.


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