15 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Seville

I am sure that you have been to Mallorca many times. You might even have been to Barcelona or Madrid. Well, how about a trip to the city of Hercules this time?

Seville is the largest city in Southern Spain. You will fall in love with this romantic city while wandering around its historic cobbled streets, gazing at stunning architecture, watching a flamenco show, enjoying its young, vibrant atmosphere and hunting for the best tapas in town.

Do you want to break your daily routine and want to travel? Look no further! Take your time and have a look at these photos that are guaranteed to get you in the mood!

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Visit the Cathedral of Seville which is the largest Gothic cathedral of the world. It is enormous and has many artistic treasures inside. Christopher Columbus is also buried in this cathedral.


Climb the cathedral´s Giralda tower to get the best view of the city.  Giralda is the landmark of the city. It is the former minaret of the mosque of Seville.

Cathedral´s Giralda Tower
City view from Giralda Tower

…then explore the former Arab ruler’s palace – the Real Alcazar De Seville…Magnificent rooms with round arches, marble columns, vaulted ceilings with wonderful decoration, ceramic tiles, and beautiful gardens…

Real Alcazar, Photo by Marian & Beata Lacko  (copyright-info)

Take a walk along the River Guadalquivir and check the former defense tower Torre De Oro (Golden tower).

Torro de Oro next to the River Guadalquivir

Walk through the Puente de Triana bridge to  have a look at the beautiful view of the Guadalquivir river. This river has a very long history with sieges, defenses and conquests…

View of the  Guadalquivir river from the Puente de Triana Bridge

…at the end of the bridge, you will arrive to the Triana neighbourhood which is one of the most ancient in the city!

Starting point of the Triana neighbourhood

You can continue with the bullfighting arena, Real Maestranza de Caballería de Seville. I preferred to skip this place.

View of the Arena from Giralda Tower

…on the way to the Plaza de España you will come across the University of Seville – formerly a tobacco factory, in which Carmen -immortalized by Bizet’s opera- was employed as a cigar worker.


…then you will see the most impressive monument of the city “The Plaza de España”. At night the place is especially beautiful and has something majestic about it. This plaza was built in 1928 as the main attraction of the Iberian-American Exposition, but these days you can hire boats, take a ride on a horse and carriage or enjoy a free flamenco show! It has also been using as a filming location, including Star Wars Episode 2.


Take a break at one of  the largest parks of the city,  Maria Luisa Park, just in front of the Plaza de España.


Visit the Mushroom, the Metropol Parasol and enjoy its unique architecture. It consists of six wooden parasols and rises like a spaceship over the city. A fantastic view over the city is included!

DSC03004 photosho+.jpg

Try all tapas and dishes of the oldest and most delicious tapas bar in Seville, El Rinconcillo. I still miss the taste of their food. During my visit, I went there everyday. Arroz, Risotto and Carrillada cerdo Ib. en salsa are my favourite…

Enjoy the amazing variety of tapas at Mercado Lonja del Barranco.  You can taste everything from fresh seafood to the paella at this market hall. A little bit expensive but only in the highest quality! 

For the best croquettes of your life, head to Casa Ricardo.

At the end of my trip, I can say that Seville is a magnificent city which has a lot to offer. I can recommend you to get lost and discover its hidden gems! 
I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick photo tour of the most beautiful spots in Seville.

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