Day Trip to Cádiz from Seville

Is Cadiz worth a visit? Yes. Definitely. Why? Because…

…Cadiz is one of the oldest cities in Western Europe and has an interesting history.  It was founded by the Phoenicians in about 1100 BC and later became an important trading port of the Romans.

Well, if you don´t care about the past, this city can offer you other things. It has a dream location directly by the sea with beautiful beaches, narrow cobbled streets, extremely delicious tapas bars.

Find out the best sights, great beaches, the best restaurants, and much more to help you plan your visit to Cadiz in Andalusia, Spain.


Getting to Cádiz 

Cádiz is only one and half hours train ride from Seville but I prefered car sharing since round trip costs 15 EUR  so it is the half price of a train ride. Besides, I met the brother of the owner of the famous restaurant in Cádiz La Candela. So, car sharing is always a good option to meet the locals and interesting people!

Of course, you can travel from other cities to Cádiz since there are trains that run to and from Cádiz from different cities.


What to Do in Cádiz 

location, navigation, pin icon Walk around the entire peninsula : Cádiz is so compact to wander on foot only in 1 or 2 hours. Everything is very close to each other.  Therefore, a visit is worthwhile even for just one day.


location, navigation, pin icon Enjoy the panoramic view from Torre Tavira : This is the highest point in the city and offers the best panoramic views over the sea and the city with its countless white houses. At the top of tower you will find the Camera Obscura which projects a real and moving image of the surroundings.


location, navigation, pin icon Cádiz Cathedral: Built in the 18th century, it has a beautiful golden dome with an amazing architecture. You can climb the tower  to get a view over the city but I preferred Tavira tower since it is the highest point in the city and  has this beautiful cathedral in view. If you choose to climb up the cathedral, let me know which view you liked most!


location, navigation, pin icon Roman Theatre: I met the Roman theater coincidently when I was wander around the streets of the old city. This theater was hidden between the houses which makes it so interesting. The entrance is free.


location, navigation, pin icon Mercado Central:  A local market with countless stalls which offer fresh fish, meat, cheese, vegetables, fruits and tapas with reasonable prices.DSC03019-2

location, navigation, pin icon Parque Genoves: Follow the voices of the birds and get lost at the botanical gardens . Check the beautiful trees, the cave, the lake, and the waterfall. It is the place where you can relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere around you.


location, navigation, pin icon Check out the two Castles : The two castles Castillo De San Sebastian and Santa Catalina are at either side of La Caleta Beach and free to visit. If you don´t care about their history, stay on La Caleta beach and enjoy their view when you are sunbathing.

Castillo De San Sebastian
Santa Catalina

Best Beaches in Cádiz

Located between two castles, La Caleta Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the middle of old town. Therefore, it can be a little bit crowded but it has a nice sandy beach. Maybe you can remember this beach from the famous bikini scene with Halle Berry was filmed in a James Bond movie “The Another Day”.

Another options are Santa Maria Del Mar Beach which is a great beach for families and La Victoria Beach which is one of the most popular beaches especially with the locals.

La Caleta Beach

Where to Eat in Cádiz

While wondering this small city, you will come across to a plenty of tapas bars that you can not skip. That´s why I ended up at many of them. Here are my favourites:

bar, cafe, coffee, food, food location, location, map marker, restaurant icon La Tabernita: This bar has a very good atmosphere and very delicious tapas. Take a seat and try  the tortillas de camarones (crispy shrimp omelette). It was the best. If you like fish, try dogfish in tomato sauce with cognac and the cuttlefish meatballs in black ink.

I normally don´t prefer cold tapas but Potato salad was also so delicious. A local man who was selling almonds, offered me to try his salad. I can say, locals are very friendly and funny.

bar, cafe, coffee, food, food location, location, map marker, restaurant icon Casa Manteca: The most famous bar of the city. This bar has a character with its traditional spanish decor and its plenty of pictures hanging on the wall. Prices are reasonable and the food is so delicious. I tried the salmorejo con mojama which I still don´t know what was that but it tasted delicious. If you want to make a safe choice, order cheese and ham with a beer.


bar, cafe, coffee, food, food location, location, map marker, restaurant icon La Candela: Very cool and arty bar. A little bit expensive but definitely worth for it. Try its homemade croquettes and the fabulous cheesecake.

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