Feel Festival 2018 – Dreamland for Five Days

I never wanted to come back from Feel Festival. It is the place where you can completely disconnect, where you feel pure happiness, the freedom, connect with the nature, with people so intense, don´t care about the time and day… Five days full of music that fulfills your mind, spirit and body at the same time… I wish to be there every weekend.

Feel Festival is located directly at the Bergheider See, which is 130 km south of Berlin. Me and my friends took the train from Hamburg and almost 5 hours later we were searching for our camping place where we were gonna spend our 5 days. We didn`t know that we made the best decision for the place which was next to the floor Hohe Düne. Hohe Düne was the best techno floor where the music never stops and never relax. That´s why we never tried to sleep. I should say it was the best camping place ever. What makes Feel Festival also legendary that you camp almost directly on the beach of the Bergheider lake.

Get ready for the special moments and encounters. A visual and colourful world waits for you with its various and secret floors, stages and installations, with the best vibes and best people in the most beautiful colours, with the lake and the beach. When you want to relax, get inspired by a variety of workshops, readings, performances and various delicious culinary options… If you want to dance, dance for the whole time. Everything is possible in this festival…

Photos below can give you more impression than my words but I have to say that neither me nor my friends weren´t able to make many photos during these 5 days. However, here are some of these photos which we made and I can share!

If you don`t know how to begin with all your stuff, take a sit on them and take your clothes off!


If you have no idea for what you are doing…


When my hair got stuck to the zip of the tent for more than one hour. No… my friends didn`t try to help,  just watched me…


I had thought it was the best view ever!


Listening to the readings which does not make any sense. Legendary!


Trouble but good  friend Henning with the best nick name ever which I can not write here. You can meet him there next year!


Just one second before I rolled down to the beach. Thanks to my friend Botho!


Finally we were able to dance but we lost each other as soon as possible 🙂


This is the stage which I left for the toilet and coulnd`t find it again. Searched for 2 hours!


Feel Festival // Quick-Info Box

Why Feel Festival?: Camping directly on the beach, perfect line up, compact and easy to reach to the stages, nice people, delicious food.

Location: Bergheider See

Date: 5. – 9. July 2018, Next year:  11. – 15. July 2019

Price: 119.00 €

Website: www.feel-festival.de

Music: Electro, Techno, Bands

Amount of days: 5

Line-up: Not available before the festival. Here you can find the timetable of Feel Festival 2018. Timetable 2018 (click!)


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