3 Days in Athens

There is so much to see and do in Athens, Greece!

My plan was staying only 1 day in this enormous city but the universe or the flight company helped me to change my mind because they lost my luggage so I had 3 days to explore this ancient city until my luggage came to my hostel: the largest collection of Greek ruins, architecture marked by Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman civilizations, graffiti, shopping, tasty food and an amazing nightlife. I think this lost luggage experience made me enjoy the city like a local and to put together a nice itinerary of things to do for your 3 days trip in Athens.

Here are my tips on what to do in Athens in three days!




Walking tour with Athens Backpackers

I went on a walking tour of my hostel Athens Backpackers to get some background info. You can also join this tour even if you don´t stay at this hostel. The tour lasted over 3 hours and took us to all of the archeological sites in Athens: Syntagma Square, Changing of the Guards in front of the parliament, Panathenaic Stadium which hosted the first modern Olympic Games, The Temple of Zeus, Hadrian’s Arch and more. It is offered every Monday-Saturday at 10 am for only 7 euros.



Stroll through Monastiraki and Plaka

Go graffiti hunting and get lost in the narrow streets of this ancient city. You will definitely discover something interesting! Monastiraki area is a good place to start. Especially in the early evening…

Explore the zigzagging streets and narrow staircases. This neighborhood is also good for shopping. Don´t miss to go to the Monastiraki Flea Market where you will find vintage clothing, rugs, vinyl or jewelry. The Central Food Market of the city is also here. It is the best place to buy fresh fruit, fish, vegetables, cheese and try some local spices. Walking down the streets, you will find yourself in Plaka: The city´s most colorful neighborhood with many hidden games at every corner. There are many shops with traditional products and local restaurants.



Sunset at Athens Backpackers

Enjoy the sunset behind the Acropolis from the rooftop at Athens Backpackers. Grab a drink from the rooftop bar and enjoy the view with other backpackers.




The Ancient Agora

This archaeological site around the Acropolis is full of ancient ruins of old Athens. My favorite is the Temple of Hephaistos. It is the best-preserved temple in Greece. The Museum of the Ancient Agora is also worth a visit!


Have lunch at the Restaurant Cave of Acropolis

At the end of this long ruin tour, you can walk down through small streets and meet this lovely Greek restaurant. From souvlaki to moussaka, you can taste many delicious dishes of Greek cuisine. Highly recommended!



Visit the Acropolis and Parthenon

The Acropolis of Athens, the birthplace of democracy, is one of the most important monuments of the world. It means upper city, and this is where people lived in 5000 B.C, built on the hill of the city to defense the city against the invaders.

Here you can see the remains of the Parthenon, a magnificent temple built in marble in 432 B.C. and dedicated to the goddess Athena. Besides having the Parthenon at its peak, there are other temples around and many theaters and ruins along the side. Admission costs € 20 and doors close at 8pm.  Watch the sunset at Areopagus Hill, just in front of the Acropolis.




Acropolis Museum

Acropolis museum is considered one of the most important museums in Greece. This museum gives a good overview of how the Parthenon and other parts of the Acropolis may have looked thousands of years ago. It is a magnificent journey throughout the history of Greek Gods.


Stroll around the National Garden

National Garden is the best way to get away from the madness of the city and from the heat of the sun in the afternoon. It is fairly small so you can walk through it in a half hour. The residences of the President and Prime Minister are also located just at the back of the garden.




There are many restaurants around the National Garden. My favourite was O Kostas. Grab a good power lunch to get ready for the Lycabettus hill.


Climb the Lycabettus

This one is one of the best things to do in Athens! Climb up to the peak of this 277-meter hill, by foot, by taxi or by cable car (7 EUR). Once at the top you will have a great panoramic view of the city. There is also a pricy restaurant that gives you a fantastic view.






2 thoughts on “3 Days in Athens

  1. Great article! Glad you enjoyed Athens!


    1. lethejourneybegin 7. November 2018 — 11:00

      Thank you so much! Yes I loved it and miss already ☺️

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